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Our project is built on the principle of "Help to a friend", the concept of multilevel network marketing you are helping to a friend, and your friends help you. We have no restrictions on the number of referrals (2 ~ 3 referrals on the first level). All transactions are 100% just between users, we only connect users to each other.

How to make money in our project.

After registering on the project, you need to activate the first rank. The cost of the first rank 0.001 BTC (the equivalent of $ 0.42) It helps user who invited you to our project, your refferer. In our project, there are five ranks. Your profit in the system depends on your rank, in order to achieve maximum profit requires 5 Rank.

Once one of your referrals will activate your first rank - you will return your costs.

Building a referral structure
After activation of its first rank, you need to invite two or three friends to the project, which when activated their accounts will pay you for every 0.001 BTC, thus they will embark on the first level under you in your downline.

Passive income
Each of your three friends invited (referrals of the first level), invite three of your friends, they will be your second level referrals, a total of nine people that the activation of the second rank will transfer you by 0.0015 BTC each. Further, each of your referrals nine third level also invited three of his friends, they become your referrals in the third level in the amount of twenty-seven referrals to the activation of the third rank will list you on every 0.003 BTC for the purchase of the third rank, and so on. Every participant has a referral structure in depth to the fifth level.

Overflow system
The Club Coin has a system of overflow referrals from members standing above that is a huge advantage when building a passive income from your structure. Example: Your referrer invited 3 members, including you, he formed the first level of referrals. Assuming that all three of the referral of the first level have a minimum of the first rank, a new member who came to the project for the ref link your referrer gets into the structure of the first level referrals to anyone least of all referrals. If referrals the first level there is no availability participant gets referrals to the second level and so on.

Migration system
For the continuous operation of the project, there is a migration system. If one of your referrals wants to activate a rank higher than that which you have, then the payment is not you, but a higher (eg your referrer). To avoid such troubles follow the ranks of the referrals.

Your profit from referrals
Rank 1 - income from each of the 3 referrals 1 level at 0.001 BTC
Rank 2 - income from each of the 9 referrals 2 level at 0.0015 BTC
Rank 3 - income from each of the 27 referrals 3 level at 0.003 BTC
Rank 4 - income from each of the 81 referrals 4 level at 0.015 BTC
Rank 5 - income from each of the 243 referrals 5 level at 0.1 BTC
As a result, your profit will be 25 BTC or more $ 10000

You can calculate your own income with the help of our calculator, which is on the main page of the site.

Our advantages
All processes - automatically, there is no need to confirm the transaction upon receipt. All transactions take place only between users. Easy to use interface, full statistics of your referrals. We guarantee Rank 5 in one hour, operational assistance in all matters. Taking part in the project, you have nothing to lose, only gain, because You will receive passive income while keeping your profit will only grow.

Available plans.

Our plan is to set up your unlimited passive income.

Rank (level) Payment Referrals 2 * 5 Profit 2 * 5 Referrals 3 * 5 Profit 3 * 5
1 0.001 2 0.002 3 0.003
2 0.0015 4 0.006 9 0.0135
3 0.003 8 0.024 27 0.081
4 0.015 16 0.24 81 1.215
5 0.1 32 3.2 243 24.3
Your costs 0.12 BTC Your profit 3.47 BTC
or 1580 $
Your profit 25.61 BTC
or 11685 $

Why us?

Calculate the expected return with a few clicks.
Align the estimated number of referrals at each level.

  • 0 referrals 1 level (0.001). Your profit will be: 0 BTC
    0 referrals 2 level (0.0015). Your profit will be: 0 BTC
    0 referrals 3 level (0.003). Your profit will be: 0 BTC
    0 referrals 4 level (0.015). Your profit will be: 0 BTC
    0 referrals 5 level (0.1). Your profit will be: 0 BTC
  • Total your profits amount
    0 BTC or 0 $

Great opportunities and benefits.


Here you can choose your rank and level of income.

Transaction confirmations

There is no need to confirm the transaction.

Maximum rank

We guarantee Rank 5 in one hour.


All processes in the project - automatically.

30 seconds

Instant registration in 5 clicks.

Register with us

Unlimited passive income available to everyone!

Personal Area

Easy to use interface.


The ability to chat with friends.


Invite your friends to get a lot of Bitcoin.


Complete statistics of your referrals.


Online help with any questions.


We guarantee a full refund of the investment.